Bad Christians, Perfect Savior


American Progress by John Gast 1872

White American Christianity is not exceptional

Thankfully [in my opinion], disciples of Jesus Christ in the United States are abandoning the title of ‘evangelical’ in ever increasing numbers. The title of ‘evangelical’ has devolved into a political term with little, if anything to do with Jesus Christ.

I encourage Christians and non-Christians alike to listen to this recording. It is well worth 40 minutes of your life…

July 31, 2016 Sermon
Soong-Chan Rah, North Park Theological Seminary Professor
Jesus People USA Covenant Church @Wilson Abbey in Uptown, Chicago:


New UptownChicago.Rocks

What in the world?

Nearly 6 months ago I became a believer in Jesus Christ. This truly has been the most amazing thing to happen to me in my entire life of 60 years.

I also moved into the intentional community of Jesus People USA. To say the least, my thinking is new. Though much of the ‘old’ UptownChicago.Rocks was good citizen-based journalism, I decided to erase it and start blogging on a blank slate.

In many ways I feel God has prepared me in advance for this new life in Christ. The value of the struggles and experiences in my life has become clearer and clearer.

What you won’t see is pressure-evangelism or better than thou attitudes. Both I detest; don’t run away yet, ha!

This new blog version, together with its Facebook page/group will concentrate heavily on mostly local music, with some politics, news and personal reflections of mine thrown in.